When we get busier in life, our circle of friends shrink and the desire to have a life companion and partner just grows stronger with time. Have you ever had someone that caught your eye but didn’t know how to approach them? Have you always wanted to go up to someone but realized the butterflies in your stomach held you back?

Single and Searching

Have you ever had someone catch your eye, but you just didn’t know how to approach them? Or, have you always wanted to make the first move with someone, but butterflies in your stomach held you back instead?

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Corporate Training

Ever wonder how you can avoid conflicts with your business partners?

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Dating and Married Couples

Have you ever wondered why you feel like your other half doesn’t seem to quite understand you, or why you reacted the way you did in a certain situation?

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Enneagram for Christian Ministry

Did you know that the Enneagram was first used by the Christian Desert Elders in 345-399 AD? Back then, they were interested to understand how Christians of different personalities experience God and how they experience the spiritual world inside themselves.

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Enneagram Personality Profiling

With a history of over 2000-4000 years and even beyond, the Enneagram is a very powerful tool for personal awareness, growth and transformation. The term, derived from the Greek words ennea (which means ‘nine’) and grammos (which means a written symbol), collectively means ‘9-points’ (or types).

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  • Cindy is very direct and friendly. I used to be very reserved and have a low self-esteem in relationships. I was not sure of how to interact with guys other than my colleagues. Cindy's coachings enabled me to discover the new awareness of my feelings and values. There are some beautiful changes in me now. With Cindy's help, I'm am more confident with all relationships at work and in personal life. I really appreciate her for helping me return to the loving and positive me.

    Ms WeiNurse
  • To me, Cindy is both a mentor and a friend. I enjoyed the coaching sessions as they're personalized to my needs and it was amazing how easy it was to talk to her. The process was really beneficial for me and I would not have learnt about myself as much as I did otherwise. Even up till now, I still recall her words often and this serves as a great reminder to myself. Keep up the good work, Cindy! And to ladies who are still hesitant, just give it a shot.

    Ms WongTeacher
  • It was really, really awesome! Initially I thought "How dark is dark? Like switching off my room lights, all I do is close my eyes for 15 seconds and I can see the whole room?" No, it's really pitch black! Can't see my hand in front of my face. Which is good, because it heightens all my other senses to compensate, and I feel more connected to this voice, this heart, talking back to me... NOX is an excellent venue, and there was an excellent sharing by our charming guide, Halimi - he told us, in his DJ-like voice, how he met his wife. Great job, Cindy! I like how you dare to take risks, to innovate and take a more unique approach.

    Mr LeeFull-time Tutor
  • Having attended Cindy's Enneagram workshop, I have seen that through her unique form of personality profiling, it is not only easier to relate to as compared to MBTI or DISC, it is also a tool that can greatly aid relationships on a personal or professional level as it allows a person to understand their partners a little better and how they might react to situations and understand why they react in such a way as well as to allow understanding to take place. However, other than just understanding the different types of personalities there are and which ones they are, it is also one that promotes growth of oneself through a growth chart which allows oneself to better themselves as people and for it to promote a lifelong learning culture of oneself. Overall, I can see the benefits of this workshop for helping business owners as well as people who are in a relationship on a personal level whether or not they are facing difficulties.

    Mr LowBusiness Owner
  • I had a couple of relationship issues in the past i.e. I was being played out by guys or I just did not know exactly what I want. I was not so confident when it comes to relationship with guys, and always sought for friends' advices. Friends usually gave me different views and advices and I could not make my own decision. Finally, I have decided to approach Cindy and invested in Relationship Coaching sessions with. After just 3 sessions with her, she had already given me very strong views and advices on how to let go and socialise so that I can boost my confidence. She has also taught me how to be more assertive with guys and to focus on my personal development. As a result, I know what I want and I became more confident in social meetings as time goes by. It was so effective that I am starting to attract a lot of attention in social events. I am now able (and learning) to choose from the pool of people who approached me. Throughout the entire process, I understand my personality better and have become aware of how I can improve it. Thank you Cindy!

    Ms SiahBanker
  • Through Cindy's classes on the Enneagram Personality Profiling, I have learned more about my personality type and am able to spot my friends' types too. This really helps me understand why we do things differently. In addition, the one-to-one session has really helped me work on my weaknesses and this has improved my interpersonal relationship with friends and colleagues. It's an essential class for everyone! I will really recommend everyone to attend her Enneagram class!

    Mr JTEngineer
  • In the past, there are many bad habits, ideas and concepts about men and women that I know I must change but I could not understand why it was so hard to sink the "theories" in. I also have difficulty grasping what men really want and most seemed superficial to me. In addition, I could not understand myself enough to carry myself in an attractive way. My identity was not discovered due to how I was brought up and my personality. After too many frustrations and on the verge of giving up with other international coaches, I met Cindy with the hope of giving dating one last shot. I felt that she could be the right coach to help me. I was blown away at our first session when she revealed my blind spots to me. I began to see it, I understood why it happened and I fully accept the challenge to work on it. These blind spots kept showing up in my everyday life, and I am now able to take steps to improve on them. In just 3 months, I have built the courage and drive to meet potential guys confidently. Cindy’s sessions on confidence and setting my own goals have proved very useful in helping me decide what is best for myself and what is not. Updates to Cindy helps me focus on my thoughts and clear my doubts too. Even though many coaches would teach you about keeping a diary (or log book), there is only this much a diary can do. Being with Cindy (a physical being, of course) and staying accountable to her makes me reflect even more and this gives me clarity in my life. Cindy is a bright, animated, collected coach who uses her experiences, social connections to help me close the gaps of my major shortcomings. She is very good in setting clear goals for me to achieve and I was motivated to do them for my personal benefits. I will recommend her service to my friends.

    Ms YeungTeacher
  • Cindy is like the seagull which brings hope to wearied sailors, the lighthouse whose rays pierce through eternal darkness and guides them home to harbor. An engaging conversationalist and expert in her field. Cindy is a MUST-HAVE friend, who will mould you into a better person beyond what you can be. You will not walk away without being rewarded and enriched with her pearls of wisdom on life, on love, on you (well, at least I didn't). Want to be THE man? Ask Cindy! Cos I've got my girl!

    Mr TangCompliance Officer
  • Cindy fervently shows care and concern in shaping me to be the ideal man, be it making changes outwardly or internally so that I will be ready to find my Ms Right. She is as genuine as she can get. Cindy is just like a close friend who wants nothing but the best out of me. I have always gained valuable advices and lessons from Cindy which enables me to be more confident in communicating with others. I will highly recommend my friends to Cindy in transforming them to be an ideal partner.

    Terry ChiaCreative Producer
  • A vibrant and energetic individual, Cindy's passion for life is contagious which makes her an excellent relationship coach. Through her, I have learned to respect myself more and so have become a more confident person in relating to the opposite gender. The most valuable lesson I learned from her is to respect and to love myself. Where, previously, my life was ill-disciplined and disorganised, her coaching has helped me take practical and concrete steps toward self improvement. As a coach, Cindy not only helps build the exterior but the entire person as she knows that while outward impressions count, true beauty is found within.

    Mr FooTeacher
  • Cindy's own unique life experiences and the steps she has taken to succeed in her life are evident in what she shares with me and how she communicates. As a coach, Cindy is very positive and supportive. Cindy has helped me with many of my personal issues, for which I am grateful to her.

  • Cindy Leong is a friendly and approachable coach. She listens with empathy and tries her best to assist me. More than learning about how to be more attractive, when I told her that I would like to work on my presentation skills, she spends her quality time with me to improve on my slides and gives me advices in my presentation delivery. Through her guidance, I have learnt about being assertive and congruent with my thoughts and speech. I also learnt how to value-add my clients in my design business.

    Rachel W.Designer
  • Before I knew Cindy, I was a man of few words. I was not communicating effectively with the ladies. I will wait for the girl to initiate a lively conversation with me and this is not good sign as they often find me a boring guy, who does not have anything to share. I was also not particular about dressing because I thought that girls will only look at my heart and not just the external looks. I am always dressed in a same old-fashion manner. ‎After a series of 1-on-1 sessions with Cindy, I now know the importance of dressing well, communicating effectively and having good etiquette. Without the proper guidance from Cindy, I will not know why dresssing is that important, especially when it comes to meeting up with pretty girls. I've learnt how crucial it is for one to communiate effectively. Even simple things like engaging in small talk when ordering food is new to me because in the past, I would just order my own food straightaway. I highly recommend Cindy because she is very experienced and has given me valuable insights and practical advice. She's a very friendly helpful and patient coach.

    K. YapPrivate School Student
  • Cindy is an experienced and straightforward coach who will be able to bring out the best in you. From a different perspective, she will help you navigate inner works of relationships. Before I met Cindy, I was a clueless guy who always turns off the ladies. After 3 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Cindy, I am now able to understand what went wrong and how I can correct my actions. These skills have not only helped me in my communication with ladies, it has also helped me in realizing what kind of ladies I should go for. I will highly recommend Cindy to my fellow buddies.

    Ryan L.HR Executive
  • Cindy is an incredible coach. While most of us would consider male coaches to be a preferred choice because our minds work the same way, a lot of us get caught up with ourselves in our own heads, and Cindy - obviously being female - has provided me with incredibly new insights, firstly, on how a woman in Singapore's society behaves, as well as tips on how to tackle the immediate problems like security, assurance, fun, etc. when you speak to women. Her approach and tips are extremely valuable, especially if you're looking to approach the higher valued women in society.

    Fairuz S.Forex Trader
  • I was rather lost when it comes to speaking with women. After chatting with Cindy, I learnt how to be a more interesting guy. I am not only able to use these skills in my interactions with ladies, I am also able to use it in my day to day communications with friends and colleagues. Overall, Cindy is a patient and knowledgeable dating coach that I truly recommend.

    Derrick T.IT Manager
  • Cindy is someone I will definitely bring my target to meet. She knows the techniques extremely well and after meeting Cindy, my target will always feel she has found the right one.

    David H.Forex Trader
  • Cindy simply changed me inside out. As an engineer, I am really bad when it comes to understanding women’s needs and bringing out a higher value in me. Cindy was able to discover my strengths and she has greatly encouraged me to take a step of faith on work on my weaknesses. She is an all rounded coach who looks at the entire well-being of my personal growth, more than trying to make a buck out of me. As a whole, I became more confident in my public speaking, which had helped me becoming a more charismatic leader at work. I have also got myself a very beautiful and capable girlfriend which I never thought was possible before. My colleagues and family members are very overwhelmed with my complete change for the better. Money well spent!

    Wai C.IT Engineer
  • Cindy's coaching approach is warm and intelligent combined with a strong knowledge of personality styles and tools. In a single session she helped me gain a better understanding of myself and my girlfriend. Cindy offers practical knowledge with information you can apply immediately.

    Dr. B.Psychologist
  • Cindy is a very frank and genuine love coach. Before meeting her, I have issues with my confidence level. I could not express myself and I was not sure what are the qualities I want in a life partner. After Cindy's coaching, I am now more confident in expressing my feelings, my likes and dislikes. I learnt the soft skills and communication skills, and I began to understand the mentality of women. I now know myself better, and I am clearer in the qualities I want in a life partner. Thank you Cindy, I have put what you've taught me into good use and I'm now happily dating!

    Mr ChowCivil Servant
  • Before attending the Enneagram Workshop, I was struggling with understanding why I cannot seem to get along with my husband, and always giving in with others easily. I had issues relaxing, and could not draw boundaries about my work and life. After attending the workshop and 1-1 session with Cindy, I have learnt that all of my behavior is a part of me where I might have a tendency to be worked up over small things. Cindy has thought me how to complement my husband better with my strengths! Now, I have learnt how to strike a balance between my work and life Enneagram has helped me to better understand myself, my strengths, my weaknesses and how I can better myself. I can now look towards greater growth because I know where to improve, and how to improve! Thanks, Cindy and Relationship Studio for this!

    Ms H.Business Owner


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